Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Incidents" (Labor Relations in Crisis Greece)

That's the rationale the HR Director of Teleperformance EMEA used to explain non continuation of my work for Dropbox Inc. on December 18, 2017. Thus the Randstad Hellas one ended on 2017/12/2017 and was not renewed.

Alexopoulos said he would try to put me in another TP in Greee and I did sent him my full resume as he asked me to. 

Yet no reply yet and cos Efi Ehtsioglou has not been able to get unemployment bens for all who lose their job in Greece yet. my wife has almost tried to jump from a balkony twice since.

And what's worse TP assumes Greeks are only good for TP in Greece, even with an INSEAD MBA and that's a major political issue in for the EU.

Of course both times I saved her.

No one in Dropbox except Alex from Ukraina tried to help her and promoted her CV. 

Thanks mate.


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