Tuesday, April 3, 2018

In Memoriam!

Of all the dead during the ongoing occupation of Greece.

Greece will be occupied until the jobless rate is 0% not the 8% of 2009.

In my Greece no one will die. Ever. My Greece will lead medical services in the world and manufacture medical equipment as well as drugs (medicine). My Greece may also have basic industry again as many of my Facebook friends know and want. For that too we may have to leave the EU.

People will have guaranteed access to hospitals and medicine. That's my philosophy. In my Greece doctors, nurses, carers will be treated as VIPs by society again. My Greece no one will die. No one, cos I don't believe in file after death.

I also very much agree spot on with these philosophical works by people in occupied Athens:

"Borders that butcher people, states that violate them" 
(anonymous graffiti in 2018 occupied Athens)

"Gucci clothes but no brains" 
(anonymous graffiti in 2018 occupied Athens)

"No one deserves to die. No one. For any reason."
Nick Panayotopoulos, November 17, 2017.

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