Friday, April 27, 2018

Greece's main competitive advantage

One of my English Twitter fans was a guy who sold his IT company and reloctated to France. He even tried to introduce me to one of the FT's special sections to write for (pro bono alas). 

When I jobsearched in 2012 he told me bluntly that he didn't think my experience and skills (MIT '85, INSEAD '9 etc) were relevant to the Western Europe market needs, mainly because I had spent a lot of years in my native Greece!

AUEB and other Greek uni alums know how hard I've criticized some of their economic thinking and their profs. 

But many know how fair I am. In spite of the fail of many of their profs, Greeks are talented. They have always been, but held back by various.

Many of the migrant residents of Patissia know my view of Greeks. But I'm alos fair. My experience says that that Greeks on average are the best Human Capital. Add to that the talent of migrants from Africa and Asia-USSR and you have the main competitive assetrt of Greece. 

Gals and guys our Greece will rock the world, along with Alexis and Company of course.

Join us, come work/live and/or locate your business in Greece!

Make Greece your new home. My wife has.

I'm Ulysses though.

Reporting from 30% jobless Greece,
Nick Panayotopoulos

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