Saturday, April 21, 2018

Greece2018+: The dramas of uninsured migrant carers in Crisis Greece: A case the IMF and the lenders must study carefully or ......

She is like thousands other 20-70 year old women a migrant from the ex-USSR.

Like most other she supports family members back home and in Greece.

Like most others she works in the Greece you occupy undeclared and uninsured.

She used to earn 1000 in 2007 and she earns just 480 in 2018 because of you

It ain't gonna be pleasant for all IMF member governments in 2019-2029 and  here's why.

Her Greece born husband was fired by Dropbox and the Minister of Labor has no budget to provide people in his case with any job bens (he worked just 15 days in 2016, 330 in 2017).

Only a friend has lent him 1000 for his food and towards the 1000 he must pay for notary fees by 2018/5/21 or she loses the Pagrati flat he wants her to have before he moves out of his Occupied Athens again.

Albanians calll him Commandante.
Others President.

He looks like a cop but he has degrees from MIT, Northwestern and INSEAD.
He has worked for Rothmans, Touche Ross, the Ministry of Labour, OMED and others.

He did his military service in the Navy and he has uber urban survival skills.
UKIPers and Golden Dawners like him but so do all migrants in Greece.

Wait, it gets even worse for you governments of lenders, he has worked for BUSINESSEUROPE and was fired by a Russian Deree College Teleperformance manager from Dropbox Greece on December 15, 2017.

It gets worse for you lender governments, he was President of the Debate Club at MIT, a Manos '99 Bull and voted for Alexis Tsipras in 2015. and joined his party in February.

Thefefore his Greece will not just negotiate but now also buttfuck you lender government to death in 2019-2029 cos he does not care about property but about Strategy, Finance and HR.

Read his resume:

He tonite promised to give his remaining money to his wife instead of the notary and then avenge in 2019-2029.

World, Frankfurt and Brussels say hello to Greece's future FinMin.

Get scared!

Bend over here comes Nick's Global Greece 2019-2029.
Nick's 2019-2029 Greece will teach you all foreign governments respect.

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