Monday, April 2, 2018

Global expose: Who is Nick Panayotopoulos?

Nick is a dynamic MBA (INSEAD, France) who speaks English, Greek and French and some German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Irish, even some Georgian.

He's a citizen of Greece (born in Athens on 1962/7/9) with vagabonding and urban survival experience in monetarists' dominated EU plus Georgia and Turkey. 

He has lived in Kent, Cannes, Cambridge MA, Easton PA, Evanston IL, Fontainebleau, Brussels, Athens and Tbilisi and spent time in Southport, a vilage 1hr from Trier and Eidhoven in 2012-2014.

He holds an MIT degree and an INSEAD (France) MBA. 

He thus knows Finance, Public/EU Affairs, HR, tax and socioeconomic policy, etc and can perform any job not requiring a licence.

Twitter: @npanayotopoulos

Employ Nick now anywhere on the planet not just Europe cos Nick is not Greek or European, he is a global Athenian aka Ulysses or global nomad: LinkedIn resume (use to ask for connection).

Note that currently Nick is currently ineligible for any jobless or jobseeker's bens in since 2010 troika occupied Greece due to his being fired by French multinational Teleperformance after complaining to his Russian-Greek floor manage for just having being intimidated again by a Greek Dropbox supervisor i Tavros on December 15, 2017 while on an official smoke break. 

A few minutes earlier he had managed to arrive on times for his 20:00-04:00 Dropbox shift in spite issues with a public transport strike. He had managed to convince the Kifissia-Pireaus train driver to continue to Tavros (and Piraeus) using public affairs, advocacy and mediator skills he had picked up via his debate experience at Athens College and MIT as well as OMED, the Ministry of Labour and the European Social Dialogue between the European Commission, European Trade Unions and European employers as well as his campaiging for The Liberals (Bull) in European elections back in 1999.

Please also note that Nick is since 2014 married to a former widow who is a care specialist from the ex-USSR and who had helped him out wheh he provided care for his mum/mom in Kolonaki and Patissia in 2005-2007. She has two grown up sons and two grandkids (her country has an even higher jobless rate than his native Greece). 

He sold off all his family property by 2012 and tried to find a new job at 50 in various member states of the EU as well as Turkey and Georgia. 

Nick has also worked as a management consultant and was in the Zeta Psi frat when at Lafayette and MIT.

They now reside in Pangrati, Athens, since his aunt's 2017 death while Nick is looking for any job anywhere in the European Union as well as any other WTO country. 

Nick's vision:

Nick's vision is to free Earth from all borders for humans to live and work.

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