Saturday, June 24, 2017

At least this Financial Year

Once a Prince
Now a Knight

Special forces
for special causes

The past was many many years ago
The present is now

Myths and realities
Actions and externalities

Rings, flowers, rules and devotions
Void of emotions

A ring, a ring, a sign of devotion
A flower, a flower, a sign of emotion

An option, an option, a sign of freedom
Devotion, devotion, a sign of the kingdom

The castle stood still, throughout the centuries
Hallmark of days past, symbol of the kingdom

The knight sat pondering
Thinking of freedom

Oh, I love the smell of wet grass, said the Princess

Far, away, in the global horizon, the storm was fierce
The barbarians were fighting, in full speed and armour
Oh, I love the smell of profits every quarter, said the Chief Exec
Oh, I hate firing people, said the Prez
All is fair in love and war, proposed the analyst

The battle was long and gruesome this quarter
The men in suits won the day
But lost the battle
Peace, declared the Prince, let's implement CSR

How noble, said the analysts
Rules can turn greed into nobility, said the wizzard
It's who makes the rules that counts, said the counsel

The Knight stared at the Princess
They looked at each other
Only for a moment
Their minds were made up

We got to get out of this place
They thought
Free together
Forever and ever more
Or, at least, this FY

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