Sunday, April 9, 2017

WTO Mach 2 - the choice of a new generation

In September 2012 I was sitting on a ledge outside a store on Oxford Street observing people from all over the world pass by. It was what I call a Babylon 5 experience (more favorite to me as a young man than Star Trek or Star wars actually).

Today in a bus in Athens I was observing an Asian mother and her lovely three kids. I felt so proud to have them in Greece and smiling.

Suddenly, her 10 year old. a little princess, looked up to me, I am 6'4", smiled and in perfect Greek she said to me "sir, you remind me of someone".

That's my Athens. So blessed to be here, so much more exciting than the Athens of my own 10th birthday.

I see kids of all races in the public transport system in 2017 Athens and I wonder what kind of world they will be adults in.

We need a world where everyone has a job and decent living conditions. We need a WTO Mach 2. A WTO of a different kind.

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