Monday, October 24, 2016

Are you a European?

The following text was posted in the New Europeans (NGO) group on Facebook:

Ladies and gentlemen, chers camarades, we have been had (who "we" is I will explain). And we have not seen the worst of it yet.. It can get much worse. That is why we must rally behind organisations like the New Europeans and others like it (do they exist?) before it's too late for other things too.

The recent post about how many non EU nationals (and their descendants) feel about us was an eye opener. I do not live in the UK and was not aware of that.

For years and years we knew that many in the UK did not want Westminster overshaddowed by Brussels. Let's say, fair enough (it's not, but let's say so), We also knew that some did not like foreigners. But thought they were UKIPes ie 10-15% of the population, max. We also felt allegiance to non Europeans. Turns out that many were routing against us, thinking we have an unfair advantage due to the EU.

Who are we?

We are people who consider ourselves European. What is that?

We are people of all nationalities (including of course British and not excluding people born outside the EU) who not only want to sell products and services and buy products from all over Europe (many others want that but just that) but see Europe as our land and although we may live all our lives in one member state we have no problem living in Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Norway or Austria or working and living with someone from these parts of Europe. We do not look down upon Bulgarian or Romanian homeless or "maids" as some others do! And we wish everyone from Asia, Africa, etc who wants to be in Europe could.

Who is against us, as it turns out?
A) Those who define themselves via their race, their nationality, their region, their village.
B) Those who want to export to others as long as they don't have to live with them.
C) Those who feel allegiance to their former colonies (and I am not talking just UK here, I am referring to the whole Europe).
D) Those who want the votes of A to C.
E) Migrants who see our EU free movement rights as unfair (they have representation in parliaments, we don't).

We have lost a major battle in the UK in June (although the ref was not about migration per se).

We had lost another battle when Commonwealth citizens were given the right to vote in the ref and we were excluded.

We lost another battle when the motion for the right to remain was rejected.

What is more, we had been losing battles every day for years and years when much of the press was doing daily propaganda against us.

We think/hope the EU27 is not going to give the UK Single Market access unless freedom of movement is retained. Are we sure? Have we actually read CETA to see if it does not create a precedent, for example?

We lose battles across Europe every time someone like LenPen or PVV or AfD gains one more voter. Let's not underestimate their effect as we did with the UKIP (on the Tories). You think eg it is inconceivable the CDU makes a right wing turn? Have you read Hollande's real opinions re foreigners in the recent book? Or Jupe's and Sarkozy's new views? 

We do not want a Europe of sovereign nations as the French PM wants (see his recent FT article), we want Europe. That is why we are Europeans. We want an open Europe.

The battles I am referring to are Advocacy-Public Affairs battles and Europe is our field not just the UK. And of course we must go grassroots. And stand up and be counted. Not use boring data to make our case (we learned by the ref campaigns how effective that is), speak to the hearts. We need to convey our vision. All across the EU and beyond.

Otherwise let's get used to a re-emerging medieval world.

PS. Look how low in foreign born population the UK was in 2013 compared to other OECD members.

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