Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From my personal diary; Thinking is hard work

Two people in real life today impressed by my argumentation skills. A result of many years of experience. thinking and practice online.

I always had a "talent' for argumentation. I won prizes in Impromptu Speaking in English as early as high school. I used my argumentation skills when discussing complex issues in policy committees at a European organisation in Brussels.

But I developed my ability to say/argument/syllogise on policy, business and many other issues, only in the last 10 years, after intensive daily monitoring of world developments, reading, watching films, hard systemic/analytical and creative thinking and practicing the ability to put those in action, to argument in a way that is both meaningful and "catchy", via years of training in online forums and in the last three years, on Twitter.

Now I have it down to a skill that I can deploy day in, day out, as a Twitter/blogpost follower and real life friend recently observed.

Is that a skill that is market needed?

Not sure. Not applying for politician jobs. Maybe it even gets in the way of me being appealing for a think tank/research and analysis job. Maybe.

Will get back to you on that one.

PS. What the friend noted the other day (recently) is that the point I make after all this hard work, are a) to a larhe extent "pre-produced"/"pre-thought" as in "pre-cooked" and b) that they are appealing or even funny/humorous but they contain much essence, Yeap, that is the "product" I work hard for years to develop!

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