Sunday, December 24, 2017

Global nomads: If you are a citizen of the world then you are a citizen of nowhere.

Theresa May has said (in her power speech during the Torry conference) that if you are a citizen of the world then you are a citizen of nowhere, referring mainly to companies.(ie global corporations).

Thus who really wants to be located in this Golden Dawn type UK in terms of its approach to not only EU citizens but foreigners and global corporates as well?

Global corporations such as Sony, Apple and others have operations in the EU.

Ireland markets itself as the gateway to the EU.

With Brexit negotiations under way, various EU member states are competing for various roles to companies, finance, investors, workers.

Is the current government of Greece doing what it should to benefit from this situation and dynamic?

No, it is not.


Because up to now it simply lacks the competences to do it. So does its economy and legal system.

Reporting from Patissia, Athens, Nick Panayotopoulos.

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