Saturday, May 27, 2017

What happened to all that money?

In the past few years, I have met many visitors to Greece.

2 summers ago, a South African man with his family asked me:

"What happened to all that money" (Greece borrowed or got from the EU (CSF etc))

I explained, in a few words. Pro bono.

Ask me. But no free lunches, unless you are homeless or jobless. The system is called capitalism.

I have a job now, but if you want credible analysis you pay for the lunch. Because intellectual labor is labor too.

My parents did not sacrifice luxuries to pay dearly for MIT and INSEAD for their son's gray matter to be treated like a CCC- bond.

Last time I gave comments to non Greek TV was BBC World (2005).
A Polish crew also asked in the streets of Warsaw in 2014 (PolSat).
Last time on Greek TV: 2002.

I produced and presented the only program on the EU ever in private Greek TV (1998-1999), pro bono.

Forget pro bono. Greeks were asking you to work pro bono, for commission only or for peanuts way before 2009 and way before you decided to start it too.

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