Monday, May 29, 2017

Star trek 2017+

1/2014 Brussels, Eurostar terminal (photo).
I am done travelling on my own expenses. But the investment has paid off. In global CRM since 12/2016.
When your wife is from Georgia, your next door neighbors in Patissia are from Africa, Russia and Pakistan, yeah man, then you are a true citizen of the world. Like Socrates, the Athenian.
Yesterday, Plato and I were brainstorming for 6 hrs at a coffee shop in Pangrati, part of the city of Athens too, on the past, present and future of the planet, Europe and Greece. Society, economy, jobs, politics. jobs, etc. I drank a whiskey (3.5E) and later a coffee (1.5E), Plato (22) just water!
We discussed about RFK, MLK, Alexander, the Byzantium, European colonialism, the dotcom bubble, the subprimes, derivatives, the Services economy, Greece 1974-present, the 60 yrs of the EEC/EU, China's entry in the WTO (2002), the EMU/Euro, NAFTA, UNASUR, Brexit, the Knights Templar and banking, freedom of movement, GATT/WTO, various forms of political systems, econ and social policy, jobs, HR, linear regression, Lagrangian Relaxation, multinationals and SMEs, and many more.
At some point waiting at the bus stop for my bus back to my hood, there was yet again another Sunday Athens run disrupting public transport as if marches were not enough, and buses were not running properly, two women came and asked us if the buses were running. We told them how to make it by foot to the closest Metro station (which was running) so that they would not have to take a cab.
"Where are you from" I asked them right afterwards.
"Does it matter" they said.
Then I paused and asked them: "Georgia?"
"Yes", they replied, surprised,
And I continued in basic Georgian.
Ja, that's global. I call it universal.
Lisez and @ndpglobal because my Athens and my Greece are open to the world, not only for Business like Theresa May's Britain but for everything. Cos "it's everything or nothing baby" (JPB).
Mes voyages, so far:
1973, London
1974, Kent
1978, Paris
1979, SE France
1981-1986 USA
1990, Fontainebleau
1991-1994 Brussels (BusinessEurope permdel) and Lisboa, DenHaag, Copehangen, Ireland (EcoSoc), London.
1994 EP
1996-1997 Brussels and DenHaag (Ministry of Labor)
1998-1999 London and Amsterdam (Rothmans)
2001 Rotterdam
2012 Italy, France, Belgium, UK, NL
2013 Germany, Lux, Brussels
2014 London, Brussels, Sofia, Warsaw, Istanbul, Georgia.
8-10 hrs everyday I do global CRM.
MS Northwestern
Tot ziens.

PS. Non, Therese, you cannot have EU Single Market w/o Free Movement, nein/non pas possible. No deal.

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