Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just another day at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa.

09:55 on a train going to work (11:00-19:00 shift). She steps into the wagon. Tall, thin, around 25 with a backpack. North European or American, vagabonding. 

I was thinking about work and did not chat. Just admired. She sat across from me. Opened her pack and took out a sandwich, 1.70E. 

Took off her sweater, she had hair in her armpits.
Amazon, Zina,

After work, 8+1 hrs later, around 20:45, I arrive at a downtown supermarket. I buy some goods. 

I chit-chat with the cashier guy. I offer to buy a cig from him cos I'am out. He gives me one for free.

I walk over to the bus stop. Open the Vanilla Cola (0.30E) and smoke the cig (Marlboro). People watching. I hop on the bus 30' later and get off near my house, I run into bros from Africa.

I am home. Bronx of Athens and Europe and proud of it. We spend 190E on rent, 3 people, all together not each! 

Ran into an NU alum yesterday. High fived when we realized we were both wildcats. She is '08.

I love this city more than ever before.
Has become almost as cosmopolitan as London and way cheaper to live.

That is why my employer, a US multinational, chose to run its global operations from here. Great human resources at a bargain price tag.

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