Saturday, May 27, 2017

Das Experiment continues, 8th year

Das Greek Experiment series continues. 
Comparable to the Walking Dead series. Daily. 24/7/365.
In a country that did not have a welfare state to begin with.

Jobless bens are 360E for all (0 for former independents) and up to 12 months, shameful for an EU country.

Shame on everyone involved.

Pray for the 11 million souls in Greece, no matter your religion. 
Greeks and others alike. 11 million. A drop in the ocean of 7.000 million. 

I am one of them. I have survived, for now, a former independent got a salaried job. Global operations.

Keep reading my blog. On Europe and the planet.

This is npthinking (2003-2012). Now @ndpglobal. Live from central Athens. 
Come visit Greece.

Look me up if you want, for a tour of Athens (Sundays only) and analysis of the issue in this blog. The world, Europe and Greece.

Under a tree, for shade, near the Acropolis.

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