Friday, May 26, 2017

Andra mi enepe, mousa, polytropon

Life is a road trip My CV I survived boring Greece 1962-1981. 1974 Kent 1979 Southern France Lafayette Colllege, PA, 1981-1982. Freshman rep and Zeta Psi. I survived MIT 1982-1985. NU with a fellowship. 1986-1987. i survived the military service. Freelance 1988-1989, dove into the economy, when others were joining corporate frigates.
1990 INSEAD, Fontainebleau, when Q8 was invaded. The MBA job market took a dive. Recruited by a Caltech man (RIP). Wound up in the EU's DC, Brussels 10 months later, as his eyes, ears and voice.
1991-1994 European Social Dialogue etc Econ and social policy savvy now. Euro blah, blah, blah, the Quartier got boring after 3+ years. 1996 Economic and Social Committee of Greece 1996-1997 Ministry of Labor and National Social Dialogue. I survived it. Dove back into the ocean of the private sector. Radio, TV, Euroelections in 5 Greek regions (10% of GR).
In 1999 I made aided by a Dutch guy from Rotterdam.
2005. 43. was leaving for London to seek a job on location. Fate strikes: My widow since 1982 mother was diagnosed with Alz. Became her personal carer instead.
2003-2012 npthinking. Analysis of world dynamics, blogging, vlogging, social media.
By 2012 I was free from all property and obligations in Greece. Kept only a suitcase. Toured 7 euro countries by boat, train and rented cars. No one gave me a job. What corporate have you done in the last 3+ yrs was the Catch22 in 2012 London. When you are under 30 they think you are too young. When 40+ too old, in Brussels, a 55+ Brit told when he came to meet me in central Brussels.
"Go back to Greece, get a salaried job and then we talk again" an old friend said in London. In 27% jobless -25% GDP crisis Greece! Kind of a MI! Well, I did. Had no option. 50, running out of money, no home, no family, friends minding their own problems, alone on this planet in 2012. With a weird CV, 20 yrs in Greece and the label of a lazy, tax evading, crook Greeks had thrown at them after 2009!!! Odd jobs and more travel, former Comecon. Jobseeking and fact finding. Running our of "fuel" (savings). Got married to a fine woman of Georgia. Finally, last December, after hundreds of CVs sent all over Europe, a corporation finally gave me an interview, the chance. The result: Got the job. Back in the corporate game. As a "soldier". Don't mind it. I work my behind off, as I have always done. But now it's documented. And I am of course more corporate than most corporates. Because I studied it. Plus I've seen the world. Skills count, not CVs. Skills and cover letters. Forever young, forever learning, forever seeking. Til the last breath. Life is a journey. "All aboard Amtrak" Code: Ulysses. In absence of a muse (aka headhunter) I am telling my own story. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Yeap. I am a geek, with an MBA, not a jarhead. But I do not mind being one. Life is not a road trip, it is multimodal transport(ation). Studied it at MIT and Northwestern. Operations Research - Decision Science. Takes wise HR to build you a truly competitive company. You read CVs thinking out of the box not like a bureaucrat. If you can't employ Nick, keep reading npthinking. It's not behind pay walls. Not yet anyway. I was reading the FT back in 1988. Now I am the "FT". To my father, I owe my birth. And my ethos. To my Athens College teachers 1972-1981, my culture. Thanks Michael, Art, Judy, Warren, Cliff, et al. I remember a Greek teacher as well. He taught us Geography, in English. Blimey, he had been everywhere. What a guy! Old Canadian AF pilot. Where is my Ithaca? Everywhere on this planet. As long as you get me a proper visa to work there! The whole planet is my home. And its people my brothers and sisters.

The quest continues.
Keep reading npthinking. Thank you, my readers. Merci. Danke, Kiitos, Grazie, Gracias, Obrigado. Takk, Dank u. благодаря (1)
PS. Ran into Richard Quest in Athens, in 2015. But did not try to talk to him. Ask me why if we ever meet. I Like the new economy but the old one had pros as well. Life is never simple. PS2. Don't judge a man by his age and nationality. Or "gender". PS3. I love Africa and Asia. Never been there, yet. No money for it. But I live in Patissia International. The new Bronx or Harlem. And I love it. PS4. A young colleague, 20, no college education, said to me the other "man, you're crazy, I love you". Well, that's better than thinking I am boring or over the hill. Jarhead and geek. At 54. "Andra mi enepe, mousa, polytropon" is Homer, in the beginning of Odyssey.


(1) I am so tired but happy since December 2016. I live in an international neighborhood in Athens. I work with people from around the world dealing with clients' issues from around the world. And YOU have honored me with your presence in my blog in the last 30 days. Thanks. Efkaristo.
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