Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Trump card

Why was Donald elected? Why did Brexit happen? Is Le Pen going to win in France? What is happening?

70 years since GATT/WTO world trade. 15 since China joined in. 16 since the Euro/ Uruguay was successful, Doha was not. Why are Trump et al (eg Theresa May) happening?

It's survival stupid! Policy makers have failed us. Economic policy, social policy, industrial policy, the lot. They are meant to produce laws and other instruments to solve problems for the citizen.

Local admins, national and other. Laws, regulations, taxes, fees, etc. A modern labyrinth. Is the system working?

Not that well. People want a job, income, health, security, a life. Are they getting it?

What is needed?

Much better policy making.

Are Trump, May and company going to solve anything?

Unlikely. Because they are just a reaction.

What does it take for better policy making?


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