Monday, November 19, 2012

The UK EU debate is over! Europhiles were largely a no show!

The UK EU debate is in its 88th minute and the Eurosceptics are ahead 5 nil. It's over. Has been for long. Eurosceptics have for many years almost unopposed, dominated the British current/public affairs scene on Europe in the UK. With or without of referendum, the UK has by now effectively "turned" anti-EU. A surprising Yes to EU vote in a ref would not change that, at least until younger, pro-EU Brits become the norm, if ever. The EU26 have a lot to lose from a UK that remains in the EU, eg preventing the rest to move ahead, eg via an IGC. At the late stage, the EU 26 would, alas/I am afraid, be better off with an non-EU UK than more years of UK whining re "Europe" or "Brussels". I call them as I see them not as I want them to be, UK!

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