Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Love Europe, Hate EU"? Really?

"Love Europe, Hate EU",, quite a frequent argument by Eurosceptics, especially British ones, is imho opinion analogous to "Love Women, Hate Marriage".

I Love Logic, Hate BS, btw.

Also syllogismically analogous to "Love Free Markets, Hate Competition Law"

In effect, it sort of means that one likes a quaint loose group of countries, some 60-80+ million in population,  some less than 1 million, many between 1 and 5 and 5 and 10, operating together at best as a free trade area ie for goods and capital, but keep "Polish plumbers" (remember May-June 2005 in France and NL) and other citizens job seekers of EU member states out, or at best, let's make sure that the rules and the game is run by Britain and that only high fliers or high skilled are let in. That kind of love!

Never mind that the wild spirits of Schumpeter (Unternehmergeist) do not necessarily have formal skills or degrees (and that is what imo US immigration of last few decades has grossly missed, see eg Think Like an Immigrant book on entrepreneurship).

That kind of love. For divide and rule by big European or world powers. A Europe of nation keepers (to paraphrase the British saying)?

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