Thursday, March 8, 2012

Analysing the EU: Beyond "Western Europe" (Part 1)

Europe, the EU and the Eurozone are much more than Western Europe. In other words, Western Europe is but a part of Europe, the EU and the Eurozone.

EU27 has different systemic, dynamics & experiences than EEC6 did.

What does that mean?

For example, it means that analysing the systemics and dynamics of Greece using a let's say Dutch or British mindset can lead to very faulty analysis and thus faulty conclusions. Much evidence of that in the last 2 years, in my opinion as a native of Greece.

Let's see:

Out of 27 EU member states and the 17 Eurozone ones:

1) About 9 are part of "Western Europe" (albeit a loose concept, Western Europe)

2) 10 of 27 members (plus part of GER) spent 40+ yrs under Soviet rule

3) 3 EU - 3 EZ experienced military dictatorship within last 50 years

4) At least 3 of 27 EU members spent hundreds of yrs under Ottoman Empire rule

5) How many have NOT been colonial or superpowers sometime(s) in last 1000 yrs?

To be continued ...

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