Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Management: Picking the Winners

The global presence of a company does not automatically render it "global". It has to gain this property.

The ability to find and globally exploit local knowledge (see "Metanationals") requires the competence of utilisation of human capital. It is worth noting that in this period of sharp cost cutting in order to satisfy the financial markets, there exists a danger of destroying "intangible capital" which was built by corporate HR policies with much effort and over years.

The value of a coompany's human capital may not be easy to quantify (there are, however, various methods). Maybe because after all management is not just about numbers!

At the end of the day, every management style is judged by its results. The same applies each strategy, each tactic and each decision.

Ultimately it is not at all easy to predict which companies will survive or will emerge as winners in the global markets over the next few years. But it seeems that the rewards will be significant for those who can today predict successfully who the future winners will be and "invest" (in various ways) in the future of these "winners".

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