Sunday, August 21, 2011

Entrepreneurship in Europe

A few years ago I was participating in an online discussion (remember the online forums with the "threads" of topics?) about business and entrepreneurship.

I was arguing that the world, at least the western one, was from into a Services based economy (and intangible goods and knowledge, etc) and that unlike the manufacturing world, one did not need much money to start a company/business that dealt in either Services or intangible (aka intellectual or grey matter) goods/products.

Still, finding the money to get started in such a business is a problem argued one of other participants. I think he was from the UK but in any case from Europe.

Why don't you ask for family and friends to each either lend you some or become shareholders in your company, I proposed. I was not expecting the reaction I received, which I thought and still think is indicative of the problems of entrepreneurship and business culture in Europe.

"What, put my family's and friends' money at risk? You got to be joking, man!" was the fellow participant's reaction.

Analyse this.

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