Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beyond greedy Finance and dogmatic Economics

1st of May: International Workers Day

Time to liberate people from the chains of greedy Finance and dogmatic Economics!

In other words:

a) to put finance again where it belongs, ie not at the center of the economy, but in an assisting role (where it once was, a service to the real economy)

b) for Economics to move past theories that have acquired dogmatic status and remake Economics a useful but less deterministic tools in understanding the economic behaviour of people and organisations.


  1. Which economic theories are you referring to as being dogmatic and should be changed?

  2. Which? I am not going to write a book to reply. But for example, most of the economic theories applied at the Eurozone at present. Including the 2% inflation target. If you read enough of my blog post you will see more. Including Ricardo's comparative advabtage theory and many more.


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