Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From "America, America" to "Europa, Europa"?

As I have often stated, it is my opinion that every human has a "human birthright" to live and work legally any place on this planet he/she chooses to. Absence of this right constitutes IMO a form of global apartheid that future historians and generations will look down upon.

IMO the willingness of the US to receive almost anyone who made to Ellis Island (an immigration policy that has been become very restricted in recent decades, to a detriment to the US (IMO again)), made it a beacon to the world population and to the world. In more ways than one.

It is now time for the EU (or the Europlus) to decide whether we have the vision, the humanism as well as the pragmatism (see ageing population) and the guts (to counter populism) to become the "America, America" of the 21st century (for asylum seekers and economic immmigrants). Given recent events, we appear not to. But those attributes (vision, humanism, pragmatism and guts) exist in EUrope. They only need to be activated.

Europe has a long and at times very troubling history. Initially it was mostly Europeans those who cried out "America, America" when fleeing to the US and seeing the coast of the US. The world systemics and dynamics are such that the world needs a new place to assume this role. Can EUrope do it?

It can, it must and it should. It is part of its becoming a beacon to the world and one of the cornerstone of its "values".

So, "Europa, Europa"?

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