Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love Hystory - Act I

Love Hystory - Act I

I am never gonna leave you, he promised her
We will always be together, forever
Two souls in unison

Against time
Against aging
Away from the noise of the world
On a beach
Alone, together, for ever

Committed to each other, forever
Till the end of time and beyond

Never say never
Forever is too long
Love is an emotion
Devotion in a vacuum?

Daily realities
Enemies of love
Time passes by in cruel steps
Human nature against love
Love against the odds
Love against the rain

I am never gonna leave you, he had promised her
We will always be together, forever, she had said
Love they felt, genuine
Flowers need water
Hearts can be broken
Kisses cannot pay the rent
Two souls in unison
On a cold wintery beach

Body heat, together, against the cold
Against the big chill
The world outside
Reality kicks hard
The bubble is genuine, but how long can it last?

The externalities
Cruel daily realities
Together, running against time
Together, holding on against the wind
Sheltering each other against the rain

The chill factor
The windshield factor
The breeze
The freeze
The squeeze

The economic reactor
The bred and the butter
The cries of the baby
New realities
New pressures
The beach is deserted

On the road
Hiking for bread
Riding on hope
The rope still holds
The love persists

What a precious emotion
For such a cheap world
Where survival is so expensive

Can it last?
Emotion for devotion
Devotion to an emotion
Against fear

The love is always there
The lovers are gone
The parents are in
The baby needs

Where is the love?
Crying for milk
Bills, blown in
No time for thrills

The love is dead
The baby lives
The lovers turned to survivors
The survivors to knights
Protecting of precious flower of the love

Sacrifices are needed
Trade offs emerge
The two are three
They are not free
Committed to the fruit of love
But what about the love?

Against time
In spite of the days
Sun, rain, wind, heat

Is love natural?
Is love for ever?
Can emotions outgrow their fruits
Emotions sacrificed in the temple of life

Where is the love?
A life of its own
Where are the lovers?

Where is the love?
I am never gonna leave you, he had promised her
We will always be together, forever, she had pledged
Love, honest
The fruit of love has taken a life of its own
Two souls in unison protecting their love

Guardians of the fruit
Warriors of daily chores
Fighting in the world markets
For milk, bred and butter

Originally written: August 2005. All rights reserved.

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  1. Dear Nick:
    what a precious emotion
    for such a cheap world
    where survival is so expensive!!
    Hits out at the fake declarations of love.Love it. Daman


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