Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friends with Benefits vs F.... Buddies!

"Friends with Benefits" and "F.... Buddies" are two quite popular terms in the vocabulary of dating and relationships in recent years.

Many people use these two terms interchangeably, they consider them as meaning the same type of relationship.

IMO that is not correct.

"F.... Buddies" is when two persons spend almost all their time together making love (or having sex, whatever).

"Friends with Benefits" on the other hand, spend a large % of their time together in doing other than erotic things together, eg hanging out. That is IMO the litmus test that differentiates between these 2 modern types of relationships. In addition, IMO, "Friends with Benefits" means being friends first, lovers then!

Of course that brings us to the question:

How do thesse 2 types of relationships compare to the good old "lovers" type of "relationship". Or "an affair"?

We do live in complicated times, and dating and relationships are not exempt from this complexity. But along with complexity in this case comes diversity or pluralism, as long as both adults know what type of relationship they are "together) in! lol

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