Friday, December 4, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

While in the EU there is still much discussion re the "top jobs" of the EU, President of the European Council and High Rep on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, ie what they entail (the "job description"), predictions on how well the appointees will do and how they will define their jobs and interact between them as well as the other top job holders at EU and national level (eg President of the European Commission and the Prime Ministers or Presidents of the EU countries), in the US today, it was all about job creation, with President Obama organising at the White House a Jobs Forum that was televised (streamed) via the Net.

Not that in the EU they are not concerned re the unemployment problem. But it is mostly a "competence" area for national level rather than the EU.

Of course, politicians and policy makers should bare in mind that jobs cannot be created by legislation, but legislation does play a very significant role in either discouraging job creation or creating the "framework conditions" or "climate" for job creation. And that if every micro, small and mid size company in the EU would add 1 more job, the unemployment problem would be solved.

That is why politicians and policy makers IMO have to Understand the micro firms and SMEs and keep in mind when they are legislating that economy and business are not dinosaur corporations or manufacturing anymore, but micro and small companies mostly in Services. And that the policies and laws that they put in place to curb abuses by large corporations do not really prevent much, but they do suffocate ("collateral damage") the micro and small firms.

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