Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have we become over analytical and under-perceptive?

Is the sense of security we seek more for a sense rather than for a reality, in other words are we being selective to our perceptions of sources of risk?

What makes us more vulnerable to people who actually wish to hurt or use or abuse us and what can we do, other than carry guns a la cowboys etc, to better protect ourselves vs risks in general?

Is the way we deal with people a way to deter instances of risk? How do we make people realise that we are not potential prey without facing to resort to carrying guns a la Far West?

Remain civil and human while at the same time emit a "I am not someone to mess around with" person?

How do we achieve that fine balance/equilibrium in the way to conduct our daily lives?

Is reading more psychology books going to help us, or experience, or something else?

Food for thought re "life and survival" in the complicated societies of the times.

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