Monday, September 21, 2009

need for a "new" EU?

In my pro-EU opinion, all EU member states should continue to have a Commissioner in every term.

IMO if the draft Treaty fails to be ratified again, maybe it is time for a new EU! A deeper, leaner, less interventionist (fewer EU and national laws) EU, with member states with populations committed to the "project". "Deeper AND less interventionist" seems contradictory, but is not. As per the commitment, it can be "tested" via referendums and other criteria.

Some mapping of the EU membership:

27 member states at present, pop. 500 million;
350 of which in 6 members and the rest 150 million in 21. 2 EUs?
9 members have populations between 7.6 and 16.4 million, 4 more with between 4.5 and

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