Friday, September 25, 2009

Homeless alone at home in Terminal C

Home alone
Homeless free
Airport lounge
Freeport way

Freezing cold
No shelter in freedom
Roofless home
Home in the world

Home in the streets
Inspite of the snow
Home in the world
Free in the world

Terminal C, homeless
Terminal B, hopeless
Terminal A, fearless
Skylounge bar for the budgetless

Home in the nature
Freedom is the nature
Free grazers
Free riders to hope

Gate 13, for the lucky ones
Gate 24, for the tucky ones
Gate 1, for the privileged pair
Gate 33B, for the tourists' group

Touring the world
Wandering, hitch-hikers
One way ticket to hope
Home at the airport

Homeless at the airport
Hopes in transit
Freedom in hope
Non stop dancing spirit

Home alone
Lonely at home
Lost in the crowd
Go to the lost and found


Pavements to freedom

The frozen free
The comfortable prisoners
of modern dilemmas
The limbo dancers

The jet setters
The jet lagged,
opt outs of the rat race
opt ins for an alternative mode

There she stood
There he sat
Being free

Worlds apart
Coming together
at the airport

Life in transit
Nothing to declare
But love, hope and
Love for freedom

The freedom of love
Different strokes for different folks
Pluralist world
The united nations of Terminal C

Written: November 2005
Narrated: August 2007

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