Sunday, May 17, 2009

consumer debt and capitalism (part 1)

I think that as part of our analysis of the causes of the current systemic crisis we need to rethink whether consumer debt capitalism is part of "real" or "orthodox" capitalism, IMO it is not.

For many decades, especially and in the US and expanding to the rest of the OECD world, consumer debt was one of the drivers of growth. Maybe we are paying the price now.

It is said that economies where citizens/households do not have high debt are at a better situation than economies where not only the state and other institutional budgets are loaded with debt (eg the national debt) and companies but persons/households as well.

A household may in some ways be like a "corporation", it has revenues and costs and IMO management techniques can/should be applied to "home ec" as well, but IMO that does not mean that households should adopt the same financial management antics as corporations or states.

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